A Grand Discovery (Beer Table Pantry)

With all of the craft beer spots opening up in NYC, including breweries, bottle shops, and bars, it’s easy to miss some essential fairly recent openings like this amazing little shop in the illustrious Grand Central Station. Beer Table Pantry is the type of business idea you wish you had brainstormed yourself. With a minuscule piece of probably super expensive real estate in a well traversed corridor in the Big Apple transportation Mecca, the owners are sitting on a gold mine. Catering to both tourists and daily commuters, Beer Table Pantry is designed for grab and go. New York State laws allow commuters to drink on the Metro-North, the commuter railway that links NYC with Connecticut, Westchester, and other destinations north. Most Metro-North commuters/beer drinkers were forced to purchase Bud Light, Coors, and the like for their sometimes hour or more commute home.


Now Beer Table Pantry provides a craft beer option for those post work rides home. What better way to unwind after a day of drudgery than watching the blur of trees zip by as you sip on a bottle of Mikkeller or Evil Twin’s finest offerings. This little spot has quite a selection and utilizes every inch of its space wisely.


Not wanting to leave empty handed, I purchased a to-go pint jar and filled up with a local IPA I have yet to try. The jars are for immediate consumption on the train.  I mentioned I was heading to Brooklyn, not up north, so they warned me about possible spillage. I didn’t lose too much by the time I got home. Let’s see how my IPA tastes a few hours later.  I might be pushing it a little bit.


Party Boat IPA (Port Jeff Brewing Company) 

Number 6 to go, please!



Style: American IPA

Profile: 7.7 ABV, IBU 101

Random News: Port Jefferson Brewing Co. announced Wednesday that Salvatore Barra won the ‘U Name Our IPA’ contest, naming the new brew Party Boat. Barra will receive one growler of the new IPA, which is 7.7 percent alcohol by volume (ABV). The recipe was developed by brewer Jamie Partridge, and the beer will debut shortly. In honor of Long Island Craft Beer Week, the brewery also created Hopstar IPA, which they made just seven barrels of exclusively for Superstar Beverage.

Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 4.32.25 PM

Brewery Info:  Port Jeff Brewing Company is located at 22 Mill Creek Road, within the Chandler Square walking mall. The brewery features a 7 barrel system which is capable of producing 217 gallons (about 86 cases) per brew. Beers are packaged in keg, 22 ounce and special release bottle formats for distribution throughout Long Island, NYC, and Westchester County bars, restaurants, and other retail beer outlets.

The facility opened for production in October of 2011.  Tours are available on Saturdays.



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