Charlie Brown

From the Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Vaults (Charlie Brown and Tragedy)

This 89tek9 freestyle was such an unlikely pairing, but it worked so well.  Let’s start with Charlie Brown…

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 11.10.13 AM

Charlie Brown and Busta Rhymes clearly were vying for leadership and charismatic sway during Leaders of the New School’s rather short lifespan. After they dropped their second album T.I.M.E., which was a notable disappointment, the group disbanded. Charlie Brown and Dinco D. basically fell out of the spotlight, while Busta Rhymes rose to legendary status, releasing several albums and making countless cameo appearances on albums left and right throughout the 1990s and beyond. If you ever wondered what happened to LONS from both C Brown and Busta’s perspectives, here are two great links from a few years ago:




When I first heard this freestyle, I thought it was Charlie Brown rapping with Nas. I was surprised to learn it was another Queensbridge native, Tragedy Khadafi. Further shock set in once I did my pre-Internet hip hop research (we’re talking mid-1990s) and realized: Intelligent Hoodlum = Tragedy Khadafi. His style changed considerably once he was resurrected as Tragedy Khadafi and appeared on tracks alongside Mobb Deep and C.N.N.  Tragedy released several albums from 1993 through 2011. He dropped his last album Thug Matrix 3 after serving nearly three years in jail for drug charges.