empire brewing company

Empire Brewing Company

I recently had an amazing craft beer road trip to celebrate my 3rd wedding anniversary. I am so lucky my wife enjoys good beer and indulges me like this. We traveled to the Hudson Valley, stopping by Newburgh Brewing Company and Keegan Ales. Both visits deserve their own BierWAX treatment – coming soon! For now, here is my visit to Empire Brewing Company in Syracuse back in 2012. (quick write-up)

I had Empire IPA from draught at NYC restaurants in the past, so I was curious to see what the brewery would be like.  I did some prior research and found out that they don’t bottle or can their beer.  They do well enough with keg distribution and selling directly to customers at their brewpub.  Their best known beer is perhaps their Cream Ale, which has the creamy goodness of a Guiness without being a Stout.  To meet New York City demand, Empire has been guest brewing at Brooklyn Brewery.  Empire hopes to finalize the purchase of a few acres of land in Upstate New York to increase their barrel output and to possibly start canning their wide selection of craft brews.

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Their food menu is pretty amazing.  After sampling most of their beer list, we worked up an appetite and were not disappointed with the food.  If you are in the Syracuse, NY area, I highly recommend visiting the Empire Brewing Company.

Enjoy these other photos from our visit.

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